My Devotion

by Alika Arlynn

Released 2017
Released 2017
Alika Arlynn is a country rock singer influenced by her Midwestern roots and her love of rock- n-roll. She sounds like Carrie Underwood, has a unique style like Sheryl Crow, and is as sassy as Gretchen Wilson, also an IL girl.
Alika Arlynn is taking country to a whole new level! Her producer, Kevin Chalfant, stepped in as lead singer briefly for Steve Perry in the band Journey. Bringing these two genres together, Alika, Kevin, and engineer/songwriter, Alby Odum, have created an awesome country rock sound! They have co-written 10 songs together, and this is the first of them. “My Devotion” was written about Alika leaving for college where she was a Biology/Pre-dental major who thought her true calling in life was to be a dentist. She became uninterested in this field and always felt her heartstrings pulling her back to music. In this first single, she sings about her hometown, where everyone wants to leave, but their hearts always lead them back.

Her songs are uplifting, inspirational, and songs that people of all ages can relate to. These are her stories and experiences with real people, past and present relationships. She believes everything happens for a reason and the good Lord works in mysterious ways. Without these experiences, Alika would not have come to the realization that her true passion is helping others through music. She hopes to express these deep feelings through her songs and inspire others to follow their dreams!


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