Alika Arlynn Band -



Alika (UH-LEE-KAH) Arlynn (AR-LYNN) (lead singer) is taking country to a whole new level! Alika’s songs are uplifting, inspirational, and are songs that people of all ages can relate to. Her songs tell her story, her experiences, the relationships that have changed her and what it was like in her small Midwestern town on a Saturday night. Alika’s unique sound comes from her collaboration with her producer, Kevin Chalfant and engineer/songwriter Alby Odum. Chalfant briefly stepped in as lead singer for the band Journey.This collaboration brings rock and country together like no other before them, creating an awesome 10 song country rock album. Alika’s original music and cover songs bring to the stage an energizing and uplifting performance. This Midwestern girl combines Gretchen Wilson’s gritty and real style with Carrie Underwood’s soulful and sophisticated sound. The Alika Arlynn Band has been the opening act for Joe Diffie and Raelyn Nelson, famed folk artist, Willie Nelson’s granddaughter.